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Welcome to the Ninth Wave.

Welcome to my archives.  Within these pages, you'll find both my original fiction and some various fanfiction.  This fiction may contain both homosexual and hetrosexual interactions, including erotica.  If you rigidly adhere to only het or gay fiction, I advise you  to go no further.   

TERMS OF SERVICE:  Many of the stories here contain mature content, not suitabe for viewers under the age of seventeen.  This is NOT a site for underage readers.  By clicking on any of the mature (clearly labeled in each summary warning) rated stories on this site, you are stating that you are of legal age to read such content.  The webmistress/author is NOT liable for failure to adhere to these terms.  

Unauthorized reposting or use of my original stories or characters is prohibited.  Enjoy your visit!


If you have any comments or questions, you can reach me at:


News and Updates

I have a tumblr account now!  I can't promise breathtaking excitement, but here is the link, for those interested in following it: Xenobia's Tumblr

    Notice to visitors: If you are having issues with "strange characters" appearing on pages of this site, check your encoding in your browser.  Go to View-->Encoding and set it to "Western European".  I've been informed that the reason behind some computers displaying strange characters on the site is due to the browser being set to unicode, or some language that requires more than the standard subset of ASCII characters.



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